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« Le Soleil d’Or » restaurant : the passion of good food

Our menu is made of local specialties and home creations. Everything is homemade because we love real and simple food. We cater for our hotel guests, for those stopping over for a meal, or for entire banquet tables.

Our recipe:
A spoonful of tradition, a pinch of imagination, and a generous amount of passion. Let seasonable vegetables simmer with the local ham, add an organic cereal or a vegetarian course, and do not forget a good dessert... for a textured and savoury meal.

L'amour de la bonne cuisine
L'amour de la bonne cuisine

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Martine BOUCHEX, Hotel Le Soleil d´Or, 73590 La Giettaz, Tel. : 33 (0)4 79 32 90 52,

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