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Our history

We do not know when Le Soleil d’Or was built exactly, but it was surely before 1850.

On the early photos of La Giettaz, there are very few houses... but Le Soleil d’Or is already here! It was initially a stage-coach stop, and its owners progressively turned it into a family inn.

In 1951, Le Soleil d’Or was up for sale. A young couple from La Giettaz, named Marcelle and Jean-René, decided to leave their family farm to take up the challenge, with no money or training but with courage, perseverance and probably a zest of madness as well! Tourism had only just begun and success was not guaranteed, especially since this old house first needed to be put into shape.

At the time, the toilets were outdoors on the balcony, just like in all old houses. There was no running water in the bedrooms, and obviously no heating which was a luxury. Making sure their customers would get it would be their priority. Then, the hotel was increasingly transformed, and more and more guests were coming by word of mouth. This way, Marcelle and Jean-René turned a modest family inn into a one star hotel! La Giettaz became a ski resort: they also built «Les Puginères», the first ski lift of the village.

This young couple were my parents. I grew up in le Soleil d’Or, surrounded by my parents’ work, but also by the friendship and laughter of our guests. So many good memories were made!

I took over the business with my husband Alain in December 1980. We also had to refurbish the hotel to keep up with the evolution and the taste of our customers. Thanks to his experience in construction, my husband was able to do the work himself. This way, Le Soleil d’Or got a second makeover and earned its second star.

Our daughter Isabelle, who inherited the love of fine food from her father and her grandmother, has been working with me for over ten years as a cook.

Le Soleil d’Or is first and foremost a family business!

Hotel Le Soleil d'Or en 1910

Village de La Giettaz

Hotel Le Soleil d'Or en 1950


Roger et Martine en luge

Jean-René en perchman

Marcelle et Jean-René

Martine et Alain


2 étoiles nouvelle norme

Martine BOUCHEX, Hotel Le Soleil d´Or, 73590 La Giettaz, Tel. : 33 (0)4 79 32 90 52,

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